Italy’s Veneto Pacts With Sales Company Adriana Chiesa Looking to Lure More Shoots

Originally posted on Variety:

In an effort to lure more film shoots to Venice and its surrounding territory, the chamber of commerce of Italy’s Veneto region has formed a  partnership with prominent Italo sales company Adriana Chiesa Enterprises which will act as its liaison with international productions.

Under the pact between a public entity and a private sales agent,  which is a rarity for Italy, Adriana Chiesa will help producers navigate available local public funds, on top of Italy’s generous tax credit, and also seek possible coin from private investors in the area.

Aside from having two small local film funds, the Veneto Chamber of Commerce is now acting as a link between productions and private investors in one of Italy’s wealthiest and most industrialised territories. Besides Venice and its lagoon, the region comprises Alpine settings, Palladian villas, and the Adriatic sea coast.

In March the Veneto Chamber of Commerce in tandem with…

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