Super Bowl: Can a Wild Bear and a Shocking Message Win This Ad Agency Greater Fame?

Originally posted on Variety:

When a huge brown bear ambles across TV screens this Sunday to the strains of Bob Dylan’s “I Want You,” it may be taking a big step for an ad agency as well.

Droga5 isn’t as entrenched a resident of Madison Avenue as better known ad firms such as Leo Burnett or BBDO, but the medium-sized agency has a lot at stake this Sunday when its first Super Bowl ad runs in the game. Droga5 has created a minute-long spot for Chobani Greek yogurt that is, in many ways, as bold as anything issued by Super Bowl ad vets like Pepsi or General Motors.

The sight of a bear knocking over shelves of groceries in the narrow confines of Howard’s Country Store isn’t what will shock Super Bowl audiences. It’s the message the bruin aims to convey: Why scarf down chips and beer when there’s something more nutritious available? “This…

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