Miami Hurricanes Quarterback Arrested

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Originally posted on CBS Miami:

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Miami Hurricanes’ backup quarterback was arrested Monday morning.

Kevin Olsen, 19, was arrested and charged for driving under the influence and possession of a stolen driver’s license.

Olsen, the brother of Carolina Panthers tight end and former Hurricanes star Greg Olsen, is being held on a $6,000 bond.

Olsen was already suspended from the Canes’ first two games of the season after he reportedly failed a drug test.


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Dallying Friday

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… kind of creating some photo effects and later to dine out to my favorite bistro…

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 Okay guys… come and join me…

feel lazy


have a break.


Grab your favorite tea or coffee and drink with me.



I want more donut please?

Enjoy your weekend!

I love you guys!




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Thanks to all of you who continue to stay with me up to this time.  I love you all!

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原宿ファッションウォーク #27


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Vernazza – Captured on Velvia

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Vernazza - #1 in the Cinque Terre for me

Vernazza – #1 in the Cinque Terre for me

Vernazza.  This is where my idea to retire to a sailboat was first consciously realized!  I had enjoyed my visits to the other villages in the Cinque Terre, and Vernazza was the last of the 5 that I planned to visit.  I did this primarily because the Festa di Santa Margherita was scheduled for the last day of my visit, so I thought that would be the best day to be there.

I spent a couple hours on Saturday and about 6 hours on Sunday in Vernazza. I bartered with some of the vendors that lined the street, enjoyed locally made lemoncino and birra, had some of the best gelato ever, and even spent a while talking to an Australian family on a European holiday.   While I would have loved to stay longer in the Cinque Terre, I’m glad I made an…

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Breaking Up is Hard To Do

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A new study found about one in 12 people have NEVER recovered from a break-up . . . and never will.

For the average person, it takes about one month for every year you spent together to get over the relationship.

This is totally ca-ca.

Here is a list of people I broke up with or they broke up with me. I’ve also added to the list how long it took me to get over them.


Noel – 8th grade puppy love crush – (Recovery Time: 2 months, but then he came back to haunt me in High School when he dated a girl from my class. She was a total asshole and egged my house. She also spread some crazy rumors about me.  I still can’t forgive her. My grandmother lived with us at the time. Abuela and I, had to clean up that egg mess before my…

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