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Vernazza – Captured on Velvia

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Vernazza - #1 in the Cinque Terre for me

Vernazza – #1 in the Cinque Terre for me

Vernazza.  This is where my idea to retire to a sailboat was first consciously realized!  I had enjoyed my visits to the other villages in the Cinque Terre, and Vernazza was the last of the 5 that I planned to visit.  I did this primarily because the Festa di Santa Margherita was scheduled for the last day of my visit, so I thought that would be the best day to be there.

I spent a couple hours on Saturday and about 6 hours on Sunday in Vernazza. I bartered with some of the vendors that lined the street, enjoyed locally made lemoncino and birra, had some of the best gelato ever, and even spent a while talking to an Australian family on a European holiday.   While I would have loved to stay longer in the Cinque Terre, I’m glad I made an…

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Breaking Up is Hard To Do

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A new study found about one in 12 people have NEVER recovered from a break-up . . . and never will.

For the average person, it takes about one month for every year you spent together to get over the relationship.

This is totally ca-ca.

Here is a list of people I broke up with or they broke up with me. I’ve also added to the list how long it took me to get over them.


Noel – 8th grade puppy love crush – (Recovery Time: 2 months, but then he came back to haunt me in High School when he dated a girl from my class. She was a total asshole and egged my house. She also spread some crazy rumors about me.  I still can’t forgive her. My grandmother lived with us at the time. Abuela and I, had to clean up that egg mess before my…

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The deadly viruses bats carry and vaccines to treat them

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WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) - Westchester County health officials are warning residents about the possibility of rabid bats.

Health commissioner Dr. Sherlita Amler says that if county residents see a bat in their home, they should catch it and bring it in for testing.

Amler says that most bats that are tested are not rabid, so humans who may have touched the animals don’t need to be treated for rabies.

But without the bat to test, anyone who has come in contact with a bat will probably need rabies shots.

During the first week in August, 43 bats were brought to the health department for testing. None of the bats tested positive for rabies.

But 17 people who were exposed to a bat and did not catch it had to begin preventive treatment.

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New track by ISTILLFEELIT called Mehr


Inspired by the film, Days of Being Wild, a tale about two women longing for the attention of one man while he searches for his truth.

The track moves through the slick streets of Hong Kong at night, as an interloper amid scenes of the after hours, and the mundane feeling of always wanting more.




Special Thank You to https://soundcloud.com/reveracorp for all info on ISTILLFEELIT